5 Steps To Seduce A Man

It is said that in terms of seduction, there are no magic recipes. Yet, according to the book “35 Rules to Capture the Man of Our Dreams” published in the 90s, your chance to conquer a man is optimal if you apply a certain rule of conduct. Here are the most important ones:

Rule on the behaviors to be

Some women make men flee by their simple way of being. That’s why we always say that the first impression is important. So, at the first meeting, be attractive and confident. It is necessary at all costs to catch his attention by your beautiful pace and your personality.

As strong as your feeling, be so patient! However, controlling your emotions does not mean shutting down. You have to know how to express your feelings through small signals.

Also be discreet. Even if you are dazzled by the beauty and charm of your seducer, it is not worth it to fix it. A little look from time to time is enough. Finally, avoid talking too much at the risk of saying anything. It is essential to know how to communicate.

Rule on making contact

Know how to impose a limit the first night

Know how to impose a limit the first night

After this first meeting, we find ourselves in doubt. Will he call me? Did I like him? We ask ourselves a lot of questions. Despite the anxiety and uncertainty, calling or sending an SMS is a bad idea. This will give a bad picture of you. Be patient.

When he finally contacts you, be careful. There is no question of telling him that you have been desperate for this call. Be brief without being cold. Avoid taking up time. However, you have to show him that you appreciate his gesture. At the end of the conversation, always stay friendly.

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Rule on appointments

It is high time to discover your partner and all his personality. At your next meeting, consider sharing the bill. It’s a way to show him that you’re good and to test whether he’s stingy or not. Through this gesture, you also reveal that you are not one of these materialist women. After a few appointments, still agree to be only the guest.

Saying yes to all his proposals is also a mistake. As attractive as it is, it is not a reason to run to him on the first call. Require a minimum of gallantry when he offers you an appointment. It should warn you 2 or 3 days in advance. The meeting must also take place in a suitable place.

Before D-Day, avoid stressing or you may look exhausted. You must be charming and neat. A small session of care at the beauty salon is required. Also remember to take a little rest because you need all your energy to be attentive and focused. Moral preparation is also necessary. However, avoid imagining a whole scenario at the risk of being disappointed. D-day, be natural. Just think about having fun and relaxing. Do not think about the work you have to do the next day or the housework that awaits you on your way home. There is no question of shortening the meeting.

From an umpteenth meeting, you have more complicity. However, we must still remain discreet. Getting too involved when you’re not sure about your feelings is a mistake. For the moment, forget the tender words. We have to let things happen naturally. If the evening ends with languid kisses, it’s perfect! However, wait for the perfect time before offering yourself to him, even if he puts you under pressure. He must also learn to wait.

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Relationship rule


The biggest mistake women make is that they like to play mom. Yet you are with a mature and responsible man. Also, avoid dictating his conduct. He knows how to live his life. To not hurt his self-esteem, let him make his decisions freely. Forcing him to declare his love or introduce you to his family is strongly discouraged.

Some women also consider men to be puppets. They try to shape them as they please. This is a fatal mistake. Ladies, when we love a person, we must accept it with its flaws and imperfections. If not, it may find you too demanding.

You must also talk about conversations to have with your lover. Initially, you can talk about anything and everything. It is not necessary to dwell on a specific subject. But when you become more accomplice, he will want to know more about you. From this moment, caution is required. It is not necessary to give him an account of your sentimental past. Any truth is not good to say. However, avoid the mysteries at the risk of further arousing his curiosity and make him believe that you want to make dungeons. Be honest without being a pipelette.

Finally comes the moment when you invite him to your home. Warning ! The decor and storage of your home can betray you. If possible, make sure your interior is clean and sober.

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Rules on the attitudes to adopt

At the beginning of a relationship, a woman has an interest in demonstrating her independence. It is necessary to wait a little before marking your existence in life by leaving at home a scarf or a sweater impregnated with your smell. When the link gets stronger, try to spend more time at home like a day or a weekend. It’s a way to check if you can cohabit.

Finally, do not let the routine settle down. You must seduce your man constantly. Also think of giving him a little freedom. His life does not revolve around you. He needs to see his friends and do men’s stuff. In case of an argument, do not be spiteful and try to communicate with him despite anger or disappointment. Finally, always stay nice. Men do not like the nosy and harassers. But most importantly, be faithful!