And if the soul mate was not so far?

This is not the first time you have heard about it. The soul mate is to love what the Eiffel Tower is to France. With a little luck, you are even those who have already experienced this incredible encounter. As soul mates are totally different from life partners, some people, unfortunately, never meet him and decide to give up. This is not really a big concern in itself, since life partners also manage to make more than satisfying relationships that are based on respect and trust … and from time to time even on a true and deep love.

For these people, patience is not a virtue. Besides, I understand them. Some prefer to simply give way to happiness and love rather than waiting indefinitely to meet this special person. They find it more judicious to be content with a simple relationship with a life partner. While for other people, the quest for a soul mate can not stop so suddenly. They think that this person, made for them, is worth the wait. And even if the concept seems dreamy and unrealistic, many have arrived.

So why not you ? The little worry is, what do you know exactly, what is the soul mate? Are you sure you’ve never met him? You did not realize, but this person with whom you are is perhaps already your soul mate. But by dint of wanting to look too far, you missed the most important thing that was already under your eyes. To reassure and comfort you in this search, here are the signs that prove that the person with whom you are, currently, is already your soul mate.

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1- You have the impression to have known him forever

When facing your soul mate, this should be obvious right away. You do not need to take time, because the evidence will hit you right away. Even if it’s someone you just met, you’ll feel like it’s been part of your life for years. And this feeling is shared, because this person also confessed to you that she had the impression to have waited for you for a long time. This is confirmed when you start spending time together. Once you have learned to know you, you have the impression that the stars have agreed to plan your meeting . Nothing and no one can come and ruin this story. You did not even have to wait for the second appointment because the first meeting was already meaningful for you.

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With this person, the conversation is easy and simple. You do not have to be another person, because the first appointment made you feel comfortable and perfectly fine. I’ll even go further and say that you felt like you were soothed and a sense of well-being pervaded you throughout your dinner / lunch / get-together. If you feel that this is strange enough, do not worry, soul mates are beings who are made to understand each other without constraint and discuss naturally. Be careful though, it’s not because it’s your soul mate that you’re supposed to hear you wonderfully all the time. There will be times when disputes and conflicts will be inevitable. But this is the way you will manage this little inconvenience that will differentiate your unique love relationship from an ordinary love affair.

2- You share the same values ​​of life

In all relationships, whether with a life partner or a soul mate, both partners often come from different places of different families and cultures. It is therefore normal that you are not on the same wavelength at the first meeting or even during the first months of your relationship. Depending on the education you have received, you each have a vision to see the world and principles, sometimes very different. Since you have not lived in the same social context, it is not surprising that you do not agree on certain points. And yet, this has not caused great problems in the relationship you are about to undertake with your soul mate. Why ? Simply because you share the same values ​​in life.

And these values ​​can affect many facets of everyday life. That it is at the level of the place that should hold the big family in the life of couple, the independence of each one, the conception of the ideal life of couple, the attachment, the loyalty, the respect, the education of the children … etc. Surprisingly, you even share certain principles of life that others have difficulty understanding. And all these little “something” contribute to a more stable and lasting relationship. Even if you each have your own personality, sharing the core values ​​of your life together makes it easy for you to start a fulfilling relationship.

3- You project yourself together

Often, we tend to think that men are afraid of commitment . This can be justified by several cases already. But when you meet the soul mate, commitment is just a logical continuation of the story. After a few months of relationship, you and your partner can not see life without each other. And that feeling if it is shared is one of the most telling signs that you have ever met the soul mate. To this end, you will already be able to set up several future projects, together. Whether in the long or the short term, you have had no difficulty in agreeing on the main protagonists, but also the main guidelines of this future that you are building with two.

At the beginning of your story, the soul mate will not mark you more than just love at first sight. But to differentiate these two types of feelings and relationships, you can trust following this love story. With the first, things settle naturally. Little by little, you will feel completely ready to embark on a future (first close) with him. And then, with time, you will see that a more serious life, two, will prevail. You will not even have to force the other party or force yourself, because it’s just obvious that you can neither control nor stop.

4- You are stronger with him

The soul mate has a kind of magical power: that of strengthening you. When with you, you feel stronger and bigger. When he looks at you, you know that you are the only person he looks at this way. And all of a sudden, your self-esteem goes up a notch. Gone are the days when you feel helpless and unloved. Gone are the days when you felt that your celibacy would not end any more. Today, you feel at your place … beside this person who loves you unconditionally.

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If in your past relationships, you felt that some partners have tried to put you in a place where you should not be, with this partner it is the opposite. You no longer doubt yourself. You have even found enough strength to achieve all the goals you have set in time. In your eyes, nothing can stop you. And if something gets in your way, you know you can count on the valuable help of your greatest ally.

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5- You are on an equal footing

If there’s one thing that makes all happy couples work, it’s balance. It is, in fact, one of the fundamental bases of a loving relationship that works. Often it is this balance that differentiates true love from another type of love. What does that mean ? In everyday life, both partners must always be on an equal footing. Whether on feelings or on something else. For example, it is not advisable to go out with a person who constantly needs to be on a pedestal to evolve in a relationship. Nobody must give, therefore, more love than others.

But this equality is also valid for everything you are used to doing on a daily basis. When birthday parties come, does your other half think of you as much as you thought of her • at her birthday parties? Do you share your time fairly? If he or she has the right to go out with his / her friends once a month, does he / she give you the same right? To live a relationship with your soul mate is simply to find a person who does not need to switch off to shine, but on the contrary does not shine if you do not shine with her.