Choose your photos and images on a dating site

Your Profile Photos: the interest of choosing them well


I strongly believe that your photos are the most important part of your profile. Nothing matches their importance. If a woman does not like your photos, you will have no chance with her.
Good photos = Crucial

I can tell you the type of messages to send to have effective and influential communication, but your photo should be the first thing she will look to see if you are presentable or not and see if you are her type of man. Still, Oulfa is not a dating site like so many others or you have to pay for registration, and you have less competition. You can send as many messages as you want! Thanks to that, women are constantly receiving a lot of messages.

Your nickname and description in relation to a simple photo is without comparison on a free site like Oulfa.

You are 10 times more likely to receive a message if you view a photo than if you do not display a photo. Do you know the saying that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words?’ Obviously, it may not be the case on online dating ???? Seriously, think about it for a second …

Imagine that you need to portray an open personality. How about a photo of you in action during an extreme sport session?
What would be your kindness and your welcoming side? How about a style rather with a catchy smile?

No matter what you want to transmit, it’s possible to do it with a photo, the visual message is so influential, that even you can not do text.
Your photos must look professional but at the same time natural.

Take pictures in different situations to bring out different facets of you.

Be honest with your photos too. Above all, do not put pictures of your 20 years; it’s just terrifying and embarrassing. When you see her in person, she will just want to run away after you lie to her. Honestly, do not waste your time trying to deceive her; it does not work.

Dress differently for your photos; make sure your clothes are beautiful, clean, do not dress outrageously or brightly; be simple and elegant.

Do not be (especially not) bare-chested on your photos! If you have a dream body, so much the better! Tease women so often without showing them the goods before they buy … put a ‘light’ (focus on the word light) t-shirt ready to wear and take a picture. Putting on a light t-shirt and bending your arms may seem natural! But if you do so, she will have no interest in you.

– Always ask for a photo of her and give up if she has disappointed you. It’s a waste of time, if she lied to you on a picture she can also lie to you about something else.

elegant man

This technique is amazing and will boost your results to new superiors!

Refer to a photo review site (or just ask your friends) to see what is your best photo and use it as a profile photo.

I have always asked friends and loved ones, I thought it was the best source for photo reviews and the opinions are very honest, which is exactly what you need. If you have a negative opinion on one of your photos, no problem! It just means you need to do better poses. Even the ugliest man can do an online dating, we have designed something for guys who feel like Shrek, even worse! It’s about finding the right image, it can take you 10 before having the right one, but that’s the way to online dating. As I said earlier, the beginning is hard work! But once it’s done and running, your profile will self-pilot!

Your main photo must stand out and be well fucked! Think about it … If your main photo does not showcase you and is boring, you will be neglected.
Also, make sure when you enter a photo that it has the requested size on the site. The larger photos are of better quality. People who download poor quality photos are not attractive and risk rejection when site administrators check profiles.

There are several free photo editors available if you want to edit your images, for MAC I used GIMP . There is also (online publisher) as well as and (both for Windows). All 4 are good photo editors but I prefer and rather recommend as the main editor for its ease of use and simplicity since GIMP is a little complicated to learn.

man smiling

Always dress the same as on your profile picture when you are supposed to meet her. Your profile picture should be like a portrait, good quality and clear:

– Look right at the camera.
– Smile!
– Show that you are a man. Your shoulders a little remote, stomach tucked in.
– Be well dressed and presentable.
– Display your chest a few inches
– The costume: Show that you are rich and that you have succeeded
– No scruffy clothes: Show how relaxed you are
– No sweatpants, or vests!
– Evening: She needs to know if you will not embarrass her in front of her friends, so be handsome.
– Playing a musical instrument or 2 such the guitar can go!
– Putting on a disguise shows that you have a fun side too, that you are not just a worker and without a hobby.
– Your best side and your passions: Dance, singing, your sports, etc.
– The pictures taken with your friends are also not bad.
– Smile in your photos!
– No pictures with children!

Always smile! It’s obvious but people forget about it all the time. If you were an attractive woman, who would you rather contact, someone who poses such a serial killer, or someone who looks happy and affordable?

man decontacte

Take as many photos as possible! Every time you dress to go out, take your camera with you! The more photos you have, the better your chance to have a good one!
Remember that you can not do it in an outing, some things can take a good time to assemble for example photos.

If your image is not too big, you can also use Photoshop to improve it, it’s not cheating; it’s just marketing. Of course, do not try to identify yourself with the Calvin Klein model, it’s an exaggeration. But just retouch your red eyes and imperfections on your face.

Always be with your shirt! – I know I mentioned it 3 times but I want to emphasize this point, I just make sure you have it.

Put red on one of your photos even if you dress in red shirt. It does not matter; psychologists have shown that the red color highlights (highlights) the animal instinct in women.
Another thing is to post a lot of images. You do not have to post all those images on your profile right away; you will add or change these images as you go.
Because doing this will make your profile interesting!

The biggest mistakes on a photo – in order!

1. Naked torso pictures
2. Photo ID!
3. Blurred image
4. Wrong crop!
– Strange images with animals for example
– Image upside down
– Who are you? More than one person on a photo.
– Professional photos or you look like someone who audition for the future supermodel in France.
Give his image a certain attitude! No, maybe not.
9. Photos with children!
10. Photos with another woman who could be your ex girlfriend.
11. Hat and glasses.
12. Beer / alcohol.