Find the right topic of conversation on dating sites

Even the greatest deceivers have already asked themselves these questions: how to find the right topic of conversation? How to make the silences do not settle too long in a discussion? How to find the right words? Let’s talk honestly, for most of us, it’s not really easy to find the courage to approach a girl, but it’s not so easy to find out what to say once in front of her. And if it was enough to smile to seduce her, I promise you that there will be no single boy on this planet.

Fortunately, it is possible to avoid this. To do this, you will first need to do some small research. After that, you will have to prepare your speech (without removing the magic of spontaneity). As I know how much this can hinder your quest for a soul mate, I decided to list some of the most effective conversation topics. Of course, this checklist of topics is only made to break the ice. If you want to go further, you will have to dig a little bit of brains. Whether it’s a girl you’ve known for a long time or a stranger, I made sure that the topics worked on all of them.

Hobbies and sport


Starting the conversation about hobbies and sports is the best way to find a topic of interest to both of you. Also, it is an opportunity to discover if you have common passions that you can do together if the current goes well. “I noticed on your profile that you liked swimming. This is good because I have a competition next week. If you promise to have a drink with me if I win and a dinner if I lose, I can invite you to attend. ” An example of very simple hook and especially very original. And if this information is not on their profile, you can start the discussion by asking them about the activities and sports they practice.


This subject is very exciting! And if you are chatting with a woman who particularly loves traveling, you must master the subject perfectly. For example, tell him about your last trip. But do not forget to put all the details to animate your story. While describing this beautiful adventure, your interlocutor will have the impression of being transported in time and space. On this point, I let you invent a little. You can insert it in this story: “I was admiring the sun going to bed while enjoying its warmth on my skin, all of a sudden, I turned around and you were there. And I had the impression that the sun did not shine enough compared to you. She will undoubtedly outline a big smile as she reads this message.



If she has a pet or if she particularly likes cats or dogs, pets can be a very exciting conversation topic for her. In general, girls who like animals are divided into two categories: those who love dogs and those who love cats. Of course, you will also find others who love birds, dinosaurs or maybe turkeys, but most of them are in the first two categories that I have listed. If possible, do a little investigation on his animal: what is his name? From what origin is it? Since when does he share his life? If she is comfortable with you, you will know that you have pulled the right rope. Be careful though, if this nice girl all the time talking about these 10 cats in apartments, you still need to ask a few questions.

Studies and work

I grant you, this subject is quite commonplace. Moreover, unlike the trip, it does not really dream. On the contrary, it can be boring. Unless you find a way to restore the image. For example, I would like to ask her what she wanted to do in life as a child and all that brought her to where she is now. Also dig the points that she likes in her work or in her studies. In short, make this basic discussion less ordinary. Feel free to think outside the box, do not do like the others. However, in any case, it will be necessary to find a way to add humor to this discussion. Indeed, little by little it can usually become boring. Moreover, there is no emotion to be drawn in this subject. And if you find that your interlocutor hates what she does or does not like to talk about, it’s really not worth stressing that way. By doing this, you risk annoying it.


beautiful woman

This one is the best of topics. If you really want to impress a girl, just talk about her. You probably do not suspect it, but it is simply a subject to put on the first list when you approach a woman. Show him that you are interested in his life, his opinion, his passions, etc. However, do not pass an interrogation. Find targeted and open questions so that she can express herself. During this time, you must look into her eyes and show her how much you are listening.

To come up

Attention, do not make me say what I did not say, here it is not question to happen for a seer and predict the future of your interlocutor. It’s more about telling him about his plans for the future, his dreams, and so on. This is a particularly interesting subject since it is very broad. Only one question can suffice to feed an entire evening. This discussion can also give you the opportunity to project yourself into the future with her. Ask him for example his next holiday destination and tell him naturally: “Here! I always wanted to go there. If you still have room in your suitcase, I will come with you if you let me allow me. “