Go out with a hypersensitive woman

We are not all born in the same mold. That’s why each of us has different attitudes and behaviors. There are in your contacts angry women, leaders, lazy, dreamers, but also hypersensitive. And contrary to what we can think, hypersensitive women are more numerous than we think. If you intend to go out with one of them, I advise you to read this article first. Those who already live in a love story with a hypersensitive person will tell you that everyday life is not always easy.

I will tell you things as they are: this life, with this person, can be a source of anxiety, especially if you are not hypersensitive. Because it’s not your personality, you’ll have a hard time understanding your partner’s reaction and how you should behave with her. The fact that she is hypersensitive will not be easy for you. But for her too. Feelings come and go in all romantic relationships. And each of them will be taken differently by you and your partner. On several occasions, you will not be on the same wavelength.

If you love her and she loves you too, you must give this love story a chance. And for that, it is essential to learn to understand and know exactly what she expects from your relationship. To help you better his personality, would not it be more convenient to have an explanation from a non-hypersensitive person like you? I lived a long time with a very sensitive close so I know how difficult it is to live in the blur. Over time, I learned to define the main lines that govern his behavior and that’s what I want to share with you today.

What is hypersensitivity?

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As I told you, I have a hypersensitive person in my family. We are very close. I lived several years with him. The problem is that most of the time, she was often at the heart of the taunts of our other comrades. And if at first, I had trouble understanding the reaction of the latter, with a little hindsight I knew that if they laughed it was because they did not understand what was the hypersensitivity. You will not be able to live a peaceful and happy life with this person if you do not understand what it is. Hypersensitivity is therefore:

A force

Those who do not really know what is hypersensitivity will tend to believe that hypersensitivity is a defect. Indeed, we live in a society where we think, wrongly, that hypersensitivity is the mark of fragility. This can be explained by the fact that all hypersensitive people tend to be more emotional than others. They have, for example, the tear too easy. But these are only appearances. Indeed, hypersensitivity can hide a complex and subtle personality. Do not be fooled by the first impression, because they have very powerful cognitive abilities and will be able to identify, in the blink of an eye, the person to whom they face.

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A catalyst of emotions

Yes, your girlfriend is very good at understanding those around her. Why ? Because she is able to feel and share the emotions of all those around her. This faculty of empathy is remarkable, but it can be a weight. In fact, hypersensitive people generally show more attention , more listening and more generosity towards the people they attend daily. It is for this reason that it will have more chances to succeed in a social or humanitarian career.

A desire to be loved

People with extreme sensitivity are always looking for love and harmony . They will do everything to not disappoint their loved ones and even more their partners. If there were words to remove from your girlfriend’s dictionary, it would be: abandonment, rejection, conflict and disappointment. As a hypersensitive, your other half will also be afraid of hurting. Everything that comes out of his mouth will be dosed and thought. Letting go is also an attitude that is not part of his vocabulary. The problem is that as she is constantly looking for affection, she will translate all your negative actions and gestures as being a proof of disenchantment with her. But she will not tell you. This is therefore a great anxiety, even an obsession for her.

A multiplied sensation

Hypersensitivity is not just a psychological feeling. Indeed, the hypersensitive are also skin deep vis-à-vis the physical repercussions. They are, among others, more sensitive to light rays or sounds . All the stimuli in his environment will be felt more intensely. This explains the fact that they are not very comfortable with a large crowd and prefer loneliness. With regard to health this hypersensitivity gives them more receptivity to drugs as well as caffeine for example.

How to take care of a hypersensitive person

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A hypersensitive person is therefore a person with a nervous system more developed than average. She is extremely intuitive, sensitive to noisy people, irritated by odors and rough fabrics, in tune with the emotions of others and hers. From my personal experience, I can tell you that it is very easy to find happiness with someone like that, especially if you really want to live the big love . And as you know, for a relationship to last you had to make an effort on both sides. Next time I will talk to the hypersensitive, but today I give you a little overview of everything you need to do for your partner.

1- Do not speak too loud when you are near her

The noise can really be very painful for your partner . Although she may have a particular affection for some noisy activities, she can not always follow when it is the person who lives with her on a daily basis who is too noisy. Do not forget that your voice can greatly influence your feelings.

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2- Do not be shocked by his love for intense art

Do not be shocked if you catch your partner painting naked people for hours, if she is an artist. It’s a healing attitude is non-provocative. Indeed, art is spiritual, entertaining and soothing to her. Just try to accept it rather than tell him that changing haircuts or coloring every week is unusual. It’s a way of being that you must not change.

3- Do not ask her to drink

Sensitives can find pleasure in being drunk. On the other hand, drunkenness is an unbearable state for them . When you’re out or planning to have a drink with her, do not ask her to drink above her limit. And if you plan to stay later, make sure your hypersensitive girlfriend will have someone at home when she has had a few drinks.

4- Do not invite him to do the gym

Sensitive people like the invitations to take a snack, to have a drink, to go shopping, in short, just about all, but especially not at the gym. Trying to have a conversation while sweating and breathing hard is not really nice for her. Going to the gym can be a very exciting activity for the sensitives, but only when they go there alone. The pressure of having to keep pace with a team can be too painful.

5- Do not lose your temper when it suddenly becomes silent

Sensitive people are very apprehensive about being in crowded places. And when they have to face it, they will look for ways to be as relaxed as possible. When they become silent, it’s not because they’re bored, it’s not because they want to come back, it’s not because they’re upset, it’s just because they need a moment of peace. So, leave her alone!

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6- Do not disturb her in her moments of reflection

You are chatting with her, but she has her mind elsewhere. A scene that is not new to you. And when that happens, do not think she’s rude. Far from there. With all the things she thinks, reflection and tranquility can help her find the meaning of reality . Let her have a quick look for a few minutes and she will quickly recover. It is important not to jostle her, as this may overwhelm her.

7- Do not take criticism as malice

Very sensitive people have a very particular awareness for the details. They will therefore be very likely and will not hesitate to point out something that needs to be improved in your behavior . By listening to their advice, you will probably have the best results. Criticizing the cooking time of your steak, she did not want to hurt you.

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8- Do not panic if it disappears a few days

If you do not live together yet, do not be surprised if your partner disappears a few days. Indeed, as a hypersensitive she needs time to enjoy her own inner life. Instead of trying to meet her at any cost, you can enjoy this free time to have fun, go out with your friends, indulge in your passions, etc. If she takes a step back, it’s because it’s necessary. And if she says no to very entertaining plans that you propose, do not take it bad, because there are days when she just wants to be calm.

9- Do not lie about your feelings

Do not tell it you’re fine if you feel bad. She will be much happier if you come to confide to her about your problems at work, with your family or others. Besides, even if you try to hide what you feel, she will immediately feel that you are not sincere. Which will bring him to make films of all the colors in his head. And she will try to spend every second, every hour trying to figure out what’s wrong with you. In some cases, this behavior will even make her feel guilty.

10- Do not enter the thorny subject of politics

The problems facing the world may be a major concern and a source of concern for sensitive people. If your girlfriend is one, ask her before all her opinions about this or that and tell her when you agree with her. If you are on the same wavelength, then you can address topics like politics. However, you should never try to convince her about your opinion . It can offend him.

11- Do not discuss topics about religion

Hypersensitive people believe they can find an answer to the questions: “How and why am I on Earth? “. If she believes in God, she will be very committed to following God’s plan for her. If she is an atheist, she will be very passionate about living her life without God. Let her be who she is and believe what she believes. Having to think about something she does not believe in can be a painful thought.

12- Do not hesitate to be attentive

She will listen. So you should do the same thing. When she has something to say to you, sit down and listen. And do not try to offer advice instantly (by the way, not all women like it ), do not stop and do not act like you have something better to do. She is looking for someone she can count on and you are not that person if you do not listen to her.