Important details that boost sex appeal

When you enter the seduction game, you will hear several safe tips: how to seduce a woman more effectively? And many times, go understand that sorting out all the parameters given by the “experts” will not be easy. If you’re an avid reader, you know what I’m talking about. Although it is quite difficult to accept, if you really want to enjoy great efficiency, it is essential to mold to a few expectations and some criteria. It is true that we often say that we must accept ourselves as we are and that we must not try to be another person.

But if you do not improve your way of being, you will never be able to enjoy the best results. And even if we hate to admit it, we women, we have this attitude a little superficial (do not look so shocked, basically we are all). The truth is that some things attract us more than others. And the men who have these details will be more likely to have our hearts. To seduce us, it will be necessary to work these “little things” which will differentiate you greatly from other men who turn us around. But how to identify these little je-ne-sais-quoi? I am here for this !

03-man Stylish

Beyond the question of physics, some points can increase your chances with girls. And having sex appeal is one of them. This asset will open you, indeed many wear. And even if, on several occasions, you have already heard of this famous gift from heaven, I presume that you have not yet any idea of ​​the true definition of this word. Unless you have researched yourself before reading this article, I also think that several questions also cross your mind: does everyone have it? Do I have it? How to have it? Here is some information that can help you see things more clearly.

What is sex appeal?

Contrary to what one may think, it is not enough to have a body straight out of magazines to have sex appeal. And besides, even actors and models who make the heads of these ladies do not necessarily have a sex appeal. The first revelation is clear: not everyone has a sex appeal . In fact, to be honest, sex appeal is above all a way of being. A person who has confidence in her, whether you have a dream body or not, will be more likely to seduce a person who has trouble asserting themselves.

Sex appeal or the art of being good about yourself

If you are well in your skin, chances are you have the famous sex appeal. Having a certain joie de vivre, being proud of what you are, having dreams and passions are all qualities that will make you more attractive than an iron pectoral. So forget the fact that only people with impeccable physiques can hope to be attractive. As a woman, I can tell you that if there was in front of me a man with charm, who knows how to make me laugh and who is endowed with a large distribution and another with chocolate bars well salient, but who with an empty head, I would not hesitate to opt for the first one. Even if I can tell you that I know men who manage to own both.

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The joy of living, and if it was the secret?

In life, there are ups and downs. There are times when you will be happy with your life and others where you will not find a clear meaning. However, when you seduce a woman, being cold and totally closed, can scare them. Having a certain joie de vivre can therefore help you greatly in attracting women to you . And that’s one of the secrets of sex appeal. Even if all women have rather specific criteria (and very random) when it comes to seduction, all have the same vision: the personality has an important place in your relationships.

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Physical does not matter in sex appeal?

That’s right, physics is not the biggest part of sex appeal, however, your look will still play a role of the most important. Let me explain: you have the joy of living, you live of your passions, etc. However, you do not take care of your clothes or care of your hair. When you go out, you really do not pay attention to what you have on your back. And that, the women will notice it too . Admittedly, you have excellent balance and a high sense of humor, but you can easily wear sandals at a “classy” party. Do you see what’s wrong? Will you be attracted to a woman with dirty hair and mismatched clothes? I do not think so !

Sex appeal is also having style

When we say that a person has sex appeal, what we also hear is that it is stylish and elegant. To increase your chances of having this “little more” you must therefore learn to know your body . Thus, you can easily find clothes that will highlight you and that will emphasize your personality. A man who has no muscles, but who has found a style that enhances it is much sexier than a muscular man who dresses randomly. At any time, you should not overlook the first or second point.

Nature also has a say

But by the way, according to several studies, sex appeal is also a question of hormone . Indeed, the body of man produces and releases what are called pheromones. And among scientists, it is also the molecules of love. Thanks to them, women have the ability to recognize in a single glance if this man she crosses and she will be able to reproduce or not. Your body itself therefore has an attractive power towards people of the opposite sex. While trying to increase all your chances to increase your level of sex appeal, it is clear that your body will also play a special role.

Having sex appeal: it’s easier than you think


If women all fantasize about American actors, that’s not a good enough reason for you to be like them at all costs. And as you have already guessed a little higher: the sex appeal does not stop at the physical. Do you already think you have enough sex appeal? You think it is not necessary to transform to fit into the selection criteria of these ladies, it’s all your credit. To remain authentic and not to be dictated by society is an excellent initiative. However, be aware that sex appeal is nothing but the result of a healthier lifestyle. And you will have everything to gain. It is not a question of boosting your sex appeal to please even more women, but rather to find a way to please yourself and for a personal development.

1- Bodybuilding

We are not going to lie, to have good results, you can work only your way of being. By cons, to have the best results in no time, it will have to be more serious. In order to attract women at the first glance, you can pass the box “gym”. In fact, getting muscle and exercising regularly will allow you to take better care of your body, in other words, of you. When a woman will do how much you take care of your own, she will not have a hard time concluding how much you will also take care of her. It is clear that the fact of you muscle will also allow you to have a new vision of yourself. In addition to having a sex appeal, you will have a more developed physique. And for sure, you will be proud of what you have accomplished and all the efforts made. It will feel great in everyday life.

2- Cleanliness

Do not be fooled, not many women run after a man who smells sweat or musty smell. On the contrary, it makes you run away. Before you go to a date, the first thing to do is wash yourself to smell the rose. How will you take the fact that the woman with whom you eat lunch smells armpits? Not very glamorous, is not it? And the feeling that you will feel at that moment and the same feeling that the person in front of you feels. But be careful though, I’m not saying that you have to shower with a strong scent. I’m just saying that you need to feel fresh when you’re out of the house. Wear clean and well-maintained clothes, keep your nails clean. It is only after being well showered that you can choose to perfume or not.

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3- The presentation

As you know, it is important to have style and choose clothes that will enhance you. This, in fact, boosts your sex appeal while improving your image and your way of being. By taking the time to find the style that suits you the most, you also take the time to sharpen your charm. It is you who decides which image you will like to convey. And even if your look can not speak for you, this is a point that will affirm your personality. To help you find the perfect style, here are some tips:

  • Find the cut that will fit your body
  • Opt for example for straight cuts if you are thin
  • Do not get stuck in clothes that are not your size
  • Look for pants with cuts that will not mold you too much
  • Match colors the right way

4- The way of living your life

Here we are at the most important point on this list. To claim a high sex appeal, you must, above all, learn to bite your life. Do not be afraid to dream and do everything to reach your goals. As you will understand, sex appeal is not only what you are, but what you do . Find the lifestyle that’s right for you and hang in there until it’s your life.

These little details that change everything

In addition to the big radical changes, there are also some small details that will increase your sex appeal without much effort. Thus, you just need to get one of these “little things” to increase your chances of appealing to women:

1- The surfboard

Generations who grew up with “Malibu Alert” know what effect a surfboard can do to women. If you are fishing on vacation or on a beach, think about releasing heavy artillery. Little more, if you really learn to surf, women will be more attracted to you. This alternative is therefore usable only in specific situations. Because frankly, a man with a surfboard in the subway is a bit fishy.

2- The guitar

It is well known, the women in the movies are all under the spell of this young man who sings with his guitar around the fire. Well, it’s not really an impression. The virtuoso side adds one more point to your sex appeal. If you have a beautiful voice, push the ditty without trouble.

3- The books

It’s a fact: men who like to read are attractive men. And I’m not the only one to think so. Your love for words can bring you many benefits. Who would have believed it, right?