Manage your first meeting: man or woman

You sent the first messages on the dating site , exchanged on the chat, and now, the first appointment is set around a coffee. However, you have no idea what conversation you will have with her on this first date.

What worries most often during a first meeting is not knowing what you need to talk to each other. It would be really a delicate moment, if you are facing each other, watching you do not know what to say. Remember that this moment is made to have an appropriate conversation with her, to get to know each other better. In addition she is also worried about not knowing what to talk about. Thanks to this first meeting, the person you have in front, will seek to know you better, you can help him in the conversation to ensure a pleasant meeting, which ends well, with a pleasant conversation.

Things people would like to talk about

1. Show interest

Your interlocutor is a person like everyone else you know in life. The person will be delighted and happy to know that what she tells you is interesting. If you interrupt or change the subject, or you do not show him that you appreciate what he is talking about, then it is certain that this meeting will not last long. For this reason, you must show him that you are interested and that you appreciate his conversation by saying things such as “Really? “So what happened? “Wow, is this a joke? “. So she will realize your interest in what she tells you.

2. Say thank you

Whenever you think she is doing something nice for you, do not forget to say “Thank you”. If she tells you that she finds you beautiful when she saw you, do not forget to say “Thank you”. If the person brings you a gift, do not forget to say “Thank you”, If she pays the bill for the meal, do not forget to say “Thank you”. These “thanks” will give him the impression that you really appreciate him.

3. Outside working hours

For most people, their professional life is very important, but outside working time, they usually prefer to be busy with other things. So, outside of work time, they surely enjoy talking about other things. You can get a really nice answer if you ask the person what they like to do in their free time. You can also ask her about her hobbies, the activities she likes, whether she has a pet etc … You can try to find out about anything concerning self-interest. It works well unless the person is a workaholic.

4. Ask about his ideas

People, especially men ( see mistakes not to commit on a dating site ), really like when asked for their opinions on something specific, especially on something they master well. For example if you plan to buy a new camera or smartphone, you can ask the person their ideas about it and ask questions about what you can choose as a model or brand. You can ask for ideas on other things, not just buying tips. There may be situations in your discussion, and you can ask him what his idea is about it. There could be a movie you both saw and you can get interested in what she thinks about it. However it is imperative to avoid asking his ideas on his previous meetings.

Things you should not mention

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1. The ex
In general some people like to talk about their ex boyfriend. This is to be avoided, you must absolutely avoid talking about the “ex” at the new meeting, because you send the person the following message: “Now I am with you, but I always think of the other! “. This is a message that will not leave a good effect. Sometimes men or women like to compete with each other or with each other, but this is not the appropriate time for that.

2. Your phone
It would be really a big mistake if you do not turn off or put your phone under silent. Do not worry about your phone at this appointment. If you are busy playing with your phone, or sending SMS, the person will not appreciate. This will not give a good impression of you. If you do that, you can be sure that this game will not last long, and the result will be disappointing. In addition you must avoid talking on the phone. Try to ignore phone calls.

3. Your shopping and experience ideas
If you are a woman, you can go out with your best friend and talk about hours, as much as you like, shopping, hairstyles, makeup, new shoes, pretty skirts.
However the man you meet is not a woman and is not your best friend. Although it is very unlikely that any man would be able to know much about new makeup or fashionable hairstyle, by addressing such topics, you will not fail to bother him a bit. For a man it would be desirable to avoid talking about “virile interest” like cars, sports games. During a first meeting, you will have to show kindness and try to find a discussion that you want (or can) talk about at the same time.

4. The question of having a family
If you make the big mistake of mentioning serious relationships, getting married or starting a family when you first meet, you may be scared. Most young men or women consider engagement, and / or starting a family, as something really difficult or frightening. This does not mean that the person is not ready for a serious , long-term relationship with you, but mentioning it at the first appointment may hinder the future. Be patient and try to get to know each other first.