Motorcycle loan, 2-wheel loan comparator

The acquisition of a motorcycle represents a significant expense. To help you in this sometimes essential purchase, credit agencies provide you with a motorcycle credit while enjoying a fixed annual percentage rate that will depend solely on the amount borrowed and the chosen repayment period.

You determine with the lender the amount of credit, its duration and the amount of its monthly payments. You then repay each month the defined monthly payments until the end of the loan. The lender offers you credit insurance that will be useful in case of problems such as unemployment, work stoppage or death.

You can finance your motorcycle project with a consumer credit adapted to your budget. You finally have the opportunity to give you the bike of your dreams without tightening your belt and depriving your family of the simple pleasures of life.

The benefits of motorcycle credit

The benefits of motorcycle credit

The credit agencies help you to realize your projects of purchase of new motorbike or of occasion thanks to a motorcycle loan adapted to your needs and at very attractive rates. The new or used motorcycle loan allows you to benefit from a fixed rate for the duration of your repayment and to choose the monthly payment adapted to your budget.

Credit specialists compete to offer you competitive rates. They generally do not require a processing fee and you have no obligation of personal contribution. This type of credit remains fairly flexible. You choose the date of picking and the beginning of your motorcycle loan refund so that you do not feel any discomfort with the investment of a two-wheelers.

Pay off your credit in advance, in whole or in part, in accordance with the current regulations on consumer credit. You can also postpone several monthly payments in a non-consecutive manner after acceptance of the financial institution and all at no additional cost.

Some useful information on motorcycle loan

Some useful information on motorcycle loan

This financial loan is done in two different ways. You can borrow from a financial institution or opt for a payment facility granted by the seller. The amount of money granted under a motorcycle credit is intended exclusively for the acquisition of a new or used two-wheel vehicle.

It belongs to the so-called consumption credits which are appropriated credits. Depending on the sums to be financed and the situation of the borrower, several options are available to him. You will have the choice between:

  • traditional motorcycle loans, whose loan remains traditional in its conditions;
  • leasing also called leasing or leasing. Once the contract is over, you have to buy the scooter. During the whole rental period, you will have to respect a certain number of obligations, often abusive. On January 17, 1986 the Abusive Clauses Commission declared illegal some of these conditions imposed by the credit companies;
  • Revolving or revolving credit which proposes however high interest rates.

The financial company advances the funds without knowing the destination. As motorcycles change more often than cars, when you consider taking a motorcycle credit, think that you will buy a new bike in the next few years after your purchase.

Whether you plan to buy a new or used car, simply simulate your car loan online and select the amount and duration of repayment corresponding to your personal situation. Do not forget to subscribe to the borrower insurance even if it is not mandatory.

This will protect you and your family from real risks and provide real financial security. No one is immune to an accident, illness or death that occurs during the term of your loan. In such a dramatic situation, your monthly payments will continue to be settled. As for your two wheels, you are free to choose the level of guarantees you want.