Profile pictures to avoid on dating sites

When meeting a person face-to-face, the first impression can be made in less than a quarter of a second. Indeed, just by seeing a face, your mind draws immediate and instinctive conclusions. People who say that the first seconds are decisive are not really wrong. All you need is a sartorial style, a weird gait, a little dung that sticks out of the nose, a misplaced scar and you’ll end up playing a game. And you’re not out of the woods, because if you think that by registering on a dating site you avoid this kind of thing, you put your fingers in the eye.

On all online dating platforms, the first impression is even more violent. And unlike face-to-face meetings, you will not have time to catch up on your clumsiness. You will not have time to show the most beautiful facets of your personality to enhance the image. It is therefore essential to choose your profile picture . Since this is the first thing visitors see, you must make sure you do not run away. Discover in this article the top profile pictures to avoid if you want to make good meetings.

1- The animal friend


You may very well like animals, but this is not a reason to make it understood everywhere on your profile. Make a line on the pictures of you doing poutous to your dog or the one that shows you with your dozens of cats. And do not even think about photos with tigers, hawks, monkeys, snakes or elephants. In general, on the profile picture, avoid all forms of zoophilia. That’s right, it’s important to be natural and pose in your favorite environment, but you can refrain from taking pictures with animals. At least, you can take some, but do not put them in profile on dating sites. Except of course if you are a circus trainer, that can be an interesting point. And even worse, if you do not like animals, do not pretend to pose next to them for attention.

2- The “bad boy” of the neighborhood

“Women love bad boys”. I wonder who was able to peddle this statement. That’s right, bad boys have a certain charm that others do not. But if you are registered on a site advocating serious relations, this is not the best place to make you look like a big guy. At a certain age, we are all looking for a serious person to share our life with. And if you are registered on a dating site to meet your soul mate, you must be in this category. Nobody will want to know if basically you are nice, funny or intelligent, the only thing that the visitors will see is that scum side that you have trouble to conceal, even on the photos.

3- The subject parent

Babies are cute, babies are girls’ magnets, but babies do not have a place on your profile picture on dating sites. That’s right, you’re proud of the parent you are. But unless you are on a specialized website for parent-to-parent meetings, your toddler does not belong here. In doing so, the first impression you will give to your contenders is: I am a parent, I have responsibilities to my child and even on dating sites he is and will always be first in my heart. There is no harm in flirting when you’re a parent, but it’s not worth using your child to attract sympathy. On the street, this may be a good point, but on online dating platforms, it’s not.

4- The exhibitionist


If you are not new to the world of online dating, you surely recognize this profile: the man who is doubly proud of his physique and who does not hesitate to take the pose … naked. On naughty dating platforms, it can work. But on the platforms of serious and stable meetings, it’s scary. Indeed, even if it is devoid of bad intention (yes, it is possible), the first thing you think when you see this kind of photo is unanimous: this person wants a sex and nothing else . Put yourself in the shoes of those who visit your profile. Will you really like to see a close-up of another man’s family jewelery? I do not think so ! In addition, you will definitely be banned from the site in no time.

5- The mystery man

Why register on a dating site if you do not even dare show your face? Unlike face-to-face meetings, it’s impossible to know who the person is with whom to talk to. At least you show your visitors how you really are. Hiding behind your favorite cartoon character may be cute for you, but it’s scary for others. And if you think of meeting people this way, you can go on dreaming with your eyes open.

6- The fetishist

Far from me the idea of ​​judging fetishism, but I would like to tell you that this does not really attract the contenders. Of course, if you are targeting people who share the same delusion as you, this is the best way to place your ad. But the chances are not many. Your photo therefore attracts a unique target. But if you really want to meet the soul mate, you do not have to be a single market. Your mission is to target as many people as possible. Only after you can filter those with whom you have affinity and those with whom you do not have affinity.