Spotting a stingy man: effective techniques

Recently, I asked this question to some of my readers: “What is the fault that you do not support most in a man? “. And several answers came to me. I still took the time to look one by one the different answers that they gave me. And with a little hindsight, I noticed a pretty important point: most of you have as a pet peeve, greed. I was surprised given that at home too, this fault insults me to the highest point. I concluded, therefore, that women, in general, avoid miserly or stingy men.

But in life, you will meet a lot of different types of men (be they with whom you intend to live a love story or those whose relationship will stop at a simple friendship). There will be great spenders or those who will not hesitate to spend without counting on a party with friends. There will also be great economics or those who will be very careful to make no difference or waste in everyday life. And between the two, you will find the stingy. The latter are those who have enough money to pay for your dinner, but who will not spend a single penny.

Unfortunately, I can not draw a robot portrait of the stingy man. By cons, I can show you some special signs that will prove that the latter is in this category. Before entering into a serious story (if it is not already done), it is always necessary to define the personality of the man with whom you are preparing to live a romantic relationship. And even if some have the ability to hide behind another character, if you pay attention, they are the easiest people to unmask.

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What’s stingy?

Greed or stinginess among some is one of the seven deadly sins . But as you will have seen, this flaw is a really red flag for women. We know, overall, that they have a different way of approaching money. But what do we also know about others? Before pointing to the stingy man, you must learn to differentiate him from others. For that, I invite you, at first to know what it really is that a person sting. Not to be confused with a thrifty, the latter has personality traits that are not easy to identify.

To be stingy is …

The stingy man is the one who will make a fixation on not spending money (not at all ends of the field, but not at all). He will make sure to avoid all expenses. Not for the sake of saving money, but especially for fear of regretting it later. This is not because it is limited in its expenses, but because it simply wants to avoid them at all costs. Indeed, it will voluntarily close its eyes to certain expenses that it deems useless or even without values. Being an anchored personality, stingy people can even suffer psychologically after making certain expenses . For them, spending money for whatever reason is perceived as negative.

  • Living in the stinker

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The problem with stubborn people is that most of them can afford a good life, where nothing is missing. On the other hand, they will really make a living out of total misery. By looking at their bank account, you will see that they can afford many things. But as a bursar, he will not touch that money. However, it does not always have a well-defined project for this money saved involuntarily. He will not be afraid to pass in front of all the greatest pleasures of life. Expenditures, extravagant or otherwise, do not make sense to him. The stubborn will prefer to stick to the bare minimum.

  • Escape the expenses

As long as he can, the stingy man will always escape expenses. And he will not, besides, afraid to live with credits. He has several techniques in his bag to avoid paying. And it does not stop only at “I forgot my wallet at home” or “I’m going to the bathroom, you rule the bill and we arrange after? “. All the techniques he uses are already studied point by point. For those who do not know him yet, these techniques are very difficult to recognize.

  • Fear the risks

According to some psychologists, being stingy can also be likened to fear of risk. It’s not the kind of person who will spend money on running it, for example. It is not also this person who will buy a new computer, when he already has one at home. Even if it does not work as it should.

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How to recognize a stingy man?

Some of us have unfortunately already faced a stingy. Others cross fingers to never fall on this type of man. What I would like to say today will certainly blow most of us: on the first date, you can recognize it. And even if sometimes, it will manage to hide very well, you will not be long in seeing its true face based on some signs that never deceive . If (unfortunately) you recognize it in all the following statements, there is really a good chance that it is the king of stinginess.

1- He invites you, but pays only the drink

Even if this is quite rare, the stingy, during a first appointment, will hide behind this technique. He has been harassing you all week long for you to agree to have a drink with him , and now that you have agreed, surprise: he insists that you share the bill or decide to pay only what you have consumed at the bar. In some cases, the situation might have been understandable, but let’s not forget this important rule: when inviting a person, the addition is not to be shared and even if the other person insists it is the one that invites who has to take care of everything.

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2- He ALWAYS forgets his wallet

The excuse of the century is attributed to this famous phrase: “I forgot my wallet”. As I have made you understand in the main character traits of the stingy, he will always make sure to avoid the biggest expenses (and even small ones for that matter). And one of the ways he found that you do not judge him is to pretend that he has no money with him. And he will not hesitate to do comedy so that you really think he has forgotten his wallet in the office. If he took this excuse for the first date, wait for another at the next meeting. One of the most classic is the call of paramount importance just when the waiter comes with the addition.

3- He takes you to restaurants he has chosen scrupulously

To avoid being surprised when paying the bill, the chick will choose the restaurant where he will invite you. At first, you will not notice it. But after 4 successive meetings in this “low-end” restaurant that serves only dishes less than 10 euros, you must realize the great masquerade. Some men put, generally, the big game at the time of the first meeting. He sees things differently. And when you choose where you want to eat, he will choose the dish for you . If he is stingy for a long time, he will not hesitate to tell you not to exceed a certain amount, because according to him, “the most expensive dishes are often the least delicious”. Very good reasoning sir!

4- He is the king of the negotiations

The first time he negotiated a price was when he paid the bill at that restaurant where you used to go. The second time, he negotiated the taxi to reduce the price of his race. And you suddenly remember that even the bill of the hotel where you spent your first night of love together was negotiated. The stingy will not hesitate to ask a small favor when paying the bill . And this, for any expense. His motivation: “We never know if it’s really the real price they post.” In case the trader does not want to give him discount, you will hear about it weeks and weeks.

5- It deprives itself and will also force you to do the same

You are used to shopping on Saturday afternoons. Precisely, you have planned to meet you on this date. And as it did not bother you, you decide to take him to the races with you. It is, unfortunately, at this moment that you realize that this man is really a big stingy. It starts by critically all the articles you take : you buy paper towels, but why? You eat dried fruits, but it’s not too expensive? You buy the products of this brand, but are you crazy? Faced with all these criticisms, you even hesitated to take this new lamp, yet on sale.

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How to live with a stingy

And even if it is very difficult for you to turn a blind eye to this big and ugly fault, it is clear that this man is also endowed with several great qualities. Admit it, you fell in love with him. Now that you can not flee, you will have to learn how to live with your behavior, simply .

  • Relativize!

You firmly believe that your man is stingy. But as I told you a little earlier, it will be necessary to distinguish between the pathological radin and the great bursar. Indeed, these two personalities are really close and we often tend to think that the thrifty is a miser. Position your partner in the right category. To do this, remember every time you felt like he was acting like a big guy. The fact that it forbids you to buy new shoes every week makes him a stingy or makes you too expensive?

  • Do not ask him at all costs to change

Often, when one is ready to live a love affair with this type of man, the first thing one thinks is: I will succeed in changing it. With a little luck, you’ll get there. But in some cases, the pathology will be so entrenched in him that you will find it hard to turn him away from this sin. At this point, you should not insist heavily on changing. Even if you bend over backwards for this, some psychoanalysts are radical: stubbornness will never change. On the other hand, you can focus your effort on something else. Instead of wanting to change it, you can for example make every effort to make your relationship healthy and make you happy. Also remember that belittling him all the time because he is stingy will never change your relationship.

  • Leave him his freedom and keep yours

Do you want to avoid conflict? There is one solution that works every time: keep a space of freedom and leave it yours. It is not necessary to report on all your expenses. And if you live together, there is no question of having a joint account. List only your common expenses and dispatcher the way the payment will be made.