What a woman expects at the first appointment.

The first appointment is often as worrying for men as it is for women. There are always questions: will it be fun? How is it going to happen?
You can impress a girl by showing her your feelings, but also by allowing her to make an evaluation about you.

Feelings and emotions

A woman who is excited about her first date always gives her best to be radiant. She looks forward to the date of the appointment and she keeps thinking about it. She begins to prepare the day before the appointment to be as perfect as possible. On D-day, she looks good by making her eyes shine with makeup, putting on her most beautiful lipstick … However, there are also those who choose to stay as natural as possible, but being attractive, for example, she simply combs her hair and applies only a touch of labello. All these preparations just to be nice and bright among the thousands of women at first sight.

It is during this first appointment that you must play your role as a good seducer, remember that everything depends on the first impression. You must compliment her without being too insistent, you can tell her, for example, when she arrives that the dress she is wearing suits her well or that her makeup enhances the bright color of her eyes … Be careful not to tell her all the compliments that come to your mind, because the more you add to it, the more it will believe you are not sincere.

During this little moment of intimacy between you, try to make her laugh so that she has fun, surprise her with your own methods of seduction, avoid if possible to take her to the cinema, because this is not romantic to stay nailed in front of a movie for hours, choose instead the walks in a quiet and pleasant place where you can chat quietly, where you can exchange interesting conversations and know you well. You will also be able to take her to an aquarium, for example, which will be very emotional for her if she enjoys the underwater world.

Assessments and validations of your partner’s choice

gallant meeting-place-romantic

During this first appointment, try to get to the stage of physical rapprochement, it does not mean that you must pet it to make it uncomfortable. Do small, courteous gestures, for example, hold her hand if you cross a small bridge that scares her, or put your hand on her arms to make her feel reassured. Give it a little look for only a few seconds, you should not look at it, however, because it will be too embarrassed, a few small smiles and a few seconds silence will make this moment wonderful and enjoyable.

However, be on your guard because it will make an assessment about you, about your way of living so you can compare it to his. Stay as you are and do not wear a mask, because girls hate it, she will sooner or later know your true face. Be simple and do not try to impress her, make sure she will be happy to discover you and accept what you really are.
For her to be totally seduced, show her that you assume your life, that you are the actor. Show him that you are an optimist and that you know how to handle the difficulties of life. No girl will be able to resist a man who assumes his social and professional life. Show that you like your life and that you are satisfied with it.

Since everything depends on the first impression, behave appropriately and have the notion of self-control. Do not behave like a poorly educated man or a man unable to control his emotions. You are not going to make a scene if you see a man looking at her or a man who compliments her because she is radiant. On the contrary, behave like a gentleman, show that you are a civilized person. Show also that you have the sense of patience, it will help you to conquer it. Be kind and courteous.

Finally, persuade her by any means that you are someone available. When she tells you something or when she speaks to you, listen to her and let her finish, after that you can give your reply, she will see that you grant an availability for her.

During the first appointments, it is very common for the subject to extend to “ex” questions. Pay attention, because you should not discuss a subject about your ex-girlfriend, unless it is who asks, however, not to tell the relationship you had with your ex for an hour, answer only the questions she asks you. Do not show any emotion when you approach the subject is not sad or angry, because it will think that you still pay much attention to your last relationship.