What do women look for first in men?

In order to seduce the woman you like, it is important to know what women generally look for in men. However, tastes and colors are not discussed. Every woman has her own definition of her ideal man. There are, however, points on which most of them agree. Knowing them will allow you to have more success with girls. To make it easier for you, I put in the following paragraphs most of the criteria women set before saying “yes” to a man.

Seduce his eyes to have his heart

Seduce his eyes to have his heart

Seduction is an art that is learned and requires a lot   investments from the gentlemen. In order to charm the heart of their conquests, men implement several strategies of seduction. Some rely on physical beauty, others prefer to work mainly on inner beauty (specifically character) and those who also rely on the material. These men all have their reasons. But, in all honesty, let’s not forget that the first impression is much more than important for capsizing and cracking girls. It could condition the continuation of the meeting.

With the fair sex, their curiosity to know a man is aroused thanks to the aura that projects the unknown. Seeing a man well dressed, neat, charismatic, it is quite normal that a lady feels the urge to go against him.

Since seduction is mainly based on external appearance, it is important to stand out from other men. With the considerable number of singles in search of the ideal girlfriend (the one who has a little more compared to other women), the image is a major asset for the man. An attractive portrait will allow you to attract the attention of your conquest.

It is important for you to know that few women give much of their time to all suitors who turn to them. In order not to waste their free time by useless discussion, they are, nowadays, more selective about their interlocutors. For this reason, it is essential to display the image of the reassuring courtier. A man who could later become the ideal boyfriend.

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What do women look first?

Depending on their tastes, women are very sensitive to certain masculine attributes. At first visual contact, they look at specific parts of the body and the face of the man . Some will not even hesitate to watch you from head to toe.

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By scrupulously analyzing a man, two situations can appear. The woman can find the man uninteresting , because it sports a banal image, unattractive and in some cases repulsive. If not, they may even fall in love with him at first sight. From that moment, a deep desire to know this man is born in his thoughts.

Pay attention to the slightest details of your physical appearance if you want to seduce a woman. And as I said, the streets are full of seducers so it’s important to stand out.

Obviously, women can not at a glance know who you really are. Identifying a person’s personality requires spending a lot of time with them. Surely, it will not be from your morphology and your appearance that women will succeed to know you. But they can judge you and qualify you from these elements. And besides, men also do it about women.

The look … an important factor in seduction

First and foremost, women tend to look scrupulously at the man’s face. Of course, it is a question of looking whether it is attractive or not, but it is also subject to seek to know more.

After having admired the pretender’s face, they begin to analyze the look of this stranger. The reason for this act comes from the fact that the look says a lot about a person. This is the reason why it is said that it is the reflection of the soul. For specialists in behavioral studies, it is plausible to make an assumption about the personality of a person from the intensity of his eyes. Women also use this technique of behavioral evaluation. Of course, they do not have the ability of specialists, but they can make some assumptions about the character of a man from what she sees. Some are more skilled and manage to identify if a man is just looking for a story of a night or is really interested in them. It is quite possible that they are deceiving themselves in judgment and therefore this has an irremediable impact on the turn of seduction. And precisely, to avoid this inconvenience and have a hint of control during the first contact, the man must master all these facts and gestures. His actions must be thoughtful.

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The look is the mirror that partly reflects your personality. Your eyes: sweet, intense, laughing, bovine, perverse, vicious, timid, loving, dark, fleeting … tell more about you and the woman will judge you from that.

The look … an important detail

Women like to be watched by men with a seductive look. They feel desirable, beautiful and unique when an attractive and different man is interested in them. They feel flattered that a pretender who is far from ordinary looks at them.

Nature watchmakers, women care a lot about the details of your outfit look. As the look, the choice of clothing and accessories say a lot about a person For the fairer sex, the dress style is a reflection of the personality of the man. From the colors, the types of clothes, they can suppose the musical taste of the unknown, if this one likes to attract the glance, if it is rather reserved, if it is mature and responsible …

With these dress codes, some even identify the professional activity of the suitor. Wearing a chic and well-groomed outfit, the women say that probably this man works in finance. With more casual and clean outfits, they can say that the man has a career in a box surrounded by young employees as a communication agency. Seeing also a man with an undesirable look whose dress code is identical to a 15-year-old boy, the woman can tell herself that this man has no maturity. At worst he still lives with his mother and he is without financial resources.

A man who knows how to arrange his look, which stands out, make women crack. Even if you are not the kind of fashion addict man, be aware of aspects of men’s fashion. This will allow you to wisely adopt your current fashion style. Choose your clothes and accessories carefully and conform them to your program or the event you are going to attend.

Your look therefore has an important place in the seduction. For this reason, assert your personality in your choice of clothes. This will allow you to differentiate yourself from other seducers. If you are attracted to stylish women, be stylish, but always in a different way from other men. Your style stands out your personality and will make you a respectable man or not.

A man who cares about his physique

I know it’s difficult and almost impossible to look like the male star that makes women dream, but it’s still important to show that you care about your physique. Remember that going out with a caring and desirable man is a pride for women. They will not hesitate to talk about you to his friends and relatives.

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The physical is one of the points that the woman looks at the first glance. She will take pleasure in judging you from head to foot. Starting with your hair, she will not finish her analysis until she gets to your shoes or feet.

If you have long hair and a beard, I advise you to pamper them as it should. If you are unable to do so, consider going to a professional. Indeed, it is more than repulsive to see a man with oily hair not combed and badly trimmed beard. So you do not lose anything by giving a moment to pamper yourself during a beauty session. It also shows that you care about your image. This is also the case with the dentition. Take care of your teeth so that you have a beautiful smile and a fresh breath.

Once this step is complete, it turns out that the woman’s gaze is systematically on the hands (especially the left one) to make sure you are not married. For them, the hands are also revealing of the activity of the man (intellectual or manual). More so, women are looking at your nails. So take your time, maintain your hands, cut your nails and / or clean them. Otherwise, you make them doubt your personal hygiene. So, if you do not give yourself enough time for yourself, how do you expect her to hope you have time to take care of her? Fair enough, right?

Like men, women are judgmental about body size. It scares you to identify what kind of man are you. If you are health conscious or the opposite. This is a very important point because a healthy man is usually concerned about his diet. They have the reputation of being responsible and above all dynamic. On the other hand, a man with a big belly gives the image of a person who likes to rob fastfoods and who is addicted to television.