What not to do when we flirt on a dating site

Looking to meet someone on a dating site is not always easy for a beginner. Indeed, I would say that it is difficult. But like anything in life, it becomes easier and easier as you get experience. An online encounter requires experience, it’s like having muscles you have to train, just a session of support-before you do not muscle. To have convincing results, you have to go there every day or, at least, at least three times a week and for an hour or three each time. No matter what you think of yourself, never give up! Never give up, because you will not be able to meet the ideal woman in just a few messages. I have found that in life, the moments when we feel lost are the times when we have to work hard and continue to persevere, because as we often say, “after the rain, the good weather. “

Do not let women come to you.

Usually, some men just create an account, send about ten messages and then that’s all, they do not send follow-up messages and do not improve on their profiles and / or images. Even worse, their state of mind is that ‘they just want to let women come to them’ – it’s crazy, and this method will never work. Just read the previous article to see how many messages women receive each day.

Poor photo quality

Your photos are so important that they have their own chapter in this article. Poor picture quality will not make your profile attractive, and you will not have answers to messages unless you do something exceptional, never seen … It’s actually just a reminder for you to use the best photo at your disposal, for example photos with your best clothes, well-coiffed hair and where you are in a photogenic place. Your photo is what you are identified with. This is the key to your success.

No picture = no messages
Bad photo = no messages

Naked torso pictures

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Men who show their bodies on their online profile come in 6th place of what women hate the most about dating sites. In particular, the photos facing the mirror of the bathroom are the most poorly viewed. It comes right after the photos or you show your muscles to attract women. In short, women do not take you seriously if they see you posing in this way; it shows that you are needy and egocentric. However, what you can do if you want to show your corpulence is to wear a body t-shirt. It means: ‘I like to work and stay fit because I respect myself, but I do not need to brag about exposing my body.’

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Being needy

Being needy means having a need for physical and emotional support. A needy man is not attractive to a woman, because as a man she relies on him to be his protector. Women tend to be more needy than men in general, so mankind is made and the man is expected to always be there to offer physical and emotional support. So be strong, and do not be needy on your profile.

Do not be offended if she does not answer or do not think she blames you

Angry man

Our mind often plays tricks on us. We think that just because we spend 20 minutes writing a sweet and kind message for her, that she wants us for something … it’s called ‘the law of reciprocity’ – but it’s actually a trick that plays our mind. This is happening in all spheres of life, not just on the internet. If someone buys you to drink, we feel like having to do something in return, it does not work that way. Women are so bombarded with messages that they can not respond even if they want to. Do not be offended by that, it’s part of the game. Turn the page and redirect your plans, it will pay off.

Using the SMS language

If your target is for example in the age range between 16-17 years (age prohibited on dating sites), I’m sure this technique will work! But we are not here to woo teen girls, we are here to meet the most incredible and the most beautiful women in the limit of the possible. Using this type of language with a real woman will lead to the deletion of your message and it is possible that it blocks you.

Talk about gender to say: should I say … Waooow !!!!

That’s just bad, do not do it. It’s really weird and uncomfortable to read, imagine getting a message like this: HEY, COMENVATU? YOUR PROFILMEPLAI! WOWET JAIME YOUR CAT !!!!
Obviously you will stand out with that, but on a bad path …

Being arrogant

A man told me this one day:

So that’s one of my problems, because I used to do it without even realizing it. I sent so many messages and I hardly received any except some answers from women ‘brawlers.’ I still had a friend who commented to me saying that my profile shows a playboy and my communication is arrogant. Without it, I admit that I would never know.

Talking about sex very early

Although men tend to approach a sexual conversation from the start, women tend to slow down. My advice is that if you are looking for a girlfriend online, avoid talking sex during an online communication. Reserve the sexual conversation until the flirt.

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Address a weak subject

We will talk about this theme in a next chapter in depth. The main point is that you do not send messages such as ‘hey’ or ‘slt’ – your message will not be read unless your profile is striking.

The use of generic questions:

– Where do you live?
– What do you do for a living?
– What is your real name?
– How old are you?
There are so many examples of generic and boring questions that do not get you anywhere.

Request personal information very early

If someone suddenly asks you without knowing you your number, or you live, … would not you be suspicious? Certainly yes! Now imagine as a woman how will you understand these questions … exactly, it’s the same thing. Do not ask personal questions from the beginning, wait until you know each other better and start feeling comfortable with yourself.

To be boring


This is one of the most important issues I come back to when I give my opinion about online dating. As you know we all have an ‘ego’ and we tend to protect our ego at all costs, it’s also called ‘honor’ and men are willing to defend it, it’s the power of the ego! And because the ego is powerful, it prevents us from going out of ourselves. It’s the same as being boring. Until the moment I speak to you, I have not yet seen boring women, not one.
Every person I meet can teach me something new. Yet when it comes to talking with women some men act calmly and even boringly. It is a false sense of security, because in doing so one does not become more natural and one is rejected. Be proud of yourself and express yourself!

Talk about the ‘past’

Many people sabotage their introduction by talking about things like past relationships. It does not appeal, but the woman thinks you are weak and your past will play a role in your future. She will not trust you.
Some examples:
‘I’m leaving a very difficult relationship’
‘Women always leave me’
‘My last friend cheated on me’
‘Women have always told me I’m cool’
‘I think I’m a cool guy and that’s why I’m alone’

Do not create enough comfort

Making it comfortable is one of the steps to be attractive and one of the most important things if you want to build a relationship with it. If she is not comfortable, you can not continue. Even if you manage to send messages full of spirit, it will not allow you to have a woman of quality because she will see you more like a joker and just someone with whom she speaks to have a good time . In the end to acquire your first girlfriend online, build an environment of comfort with her so that she can trust you and meet you. So, yes, be jovial and teasing, but at the same time, make sure she does not have the same relationship with another.

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Do not show that you are a leader

Leadership in all areas is what differentiates one from the other. In this sense, leadership can be a strength and confidence asset for the man, which makes you attractive to women.
In the disconnected world, this can be seen as if the man asked to go out with the woman and ask her to see herself on a date. And often the first question that comes up is: “Where do you want to go? She looks at him and says, “I do not know, no matter where you take me” and the man replies by saying “no, tell me where you want and I’ll take you.” Do you see how it’s going? He invites her out and can not manage, he expects her to lead.

Lying about one’s age, weight, or appearance

This mistake is obvious and very common in men and women, I can understand that a woman is lying on these things, but for men, there is no excuse really.
– Age: Women find attractive older men, so saying that you are 28 instead of 40 could turn against you! Many women are looking for older men because of the security they offer.
– Weight: women do not see attraction in the same way as men, we are very visual creatures and our instinct is based on the image we see, ie the beauty we perceive. But for women it does not work quite the same; do not let “weight watchers” like ads with all the women he controls fool you. They just want to feel good with you. It is the sense of attraction and awakening that you generate in her through your communication. So, if you are slightly overweight, be proud of yourself. There are so many women who are not disturbed by this.
– Appearance: to have chances to visit your profile and respond to your messages, refer to the chapter that talks about ‘your photos.’

Sending winks and short messages

Women over the age of 18 do not respond at a glance. In fact, I think the ‘wink’ headings should be abolished.
A short message, as well as winks, have no interest. Imagine that you are a woman and that you receive a dozen messages every day and that a guy arrives from nowhere to say to you “so miss, I want to argue with you? ”
Will you like it as a woman? There is nothing more annoying for her, so it makes sense that she does not answer, you are not interested.